The Power of Natural Healing

Spiritual sensitivity can help a person avoid making mistakes that would trouble or damage his life. By gathering subtle information from the environment and by following basic disciplines and practices that utilize natural sources of energy such as sunlight, moonlight, starlight, water, air and natural herbs, a person can prevent danger or make necessary psychological adjustments to unavoidable difficulty. Since people have become more conceptually developed, they have also become more confused and need to learn some simple ancient wisdom to improve their lives. This book, which focuses on natural vitality and healing, can help people develop clarity at all levels of their lives. Continue reading The Power of Natural Healing

Internal Alchemy

A person may go to a temple to renounce the world only to find that there are just as many problems in a temple as there are outside the temple. The key to resolving one’s problem is working on improving oneself. Thus, a spiritual life is not determined by where you live, but by how open your mind is to transcending your current situation and setting up the correct self-discipline. I teach that responsible life is spiritual life, and irresponsible life is unspiritual life. I do not mind that other spiritual teachers do not agree with me. Continue reading Internal Alchemy

How to Find God in Modern Times?

Hero worship became the new social promotion when the church replaced people’s ignorance of spiritual knowledge with a new form of social darkness. What the religionists failed to recognize, is that spiritual life and work is an individual choice. Under this view, rather than being accepted as the inherent reality of our own spiritual nature, God was held as an external authority that related to people as subordinates. Focusing on God as a separate being that can be coerced into fulfilling lower desires or negative wishes, is not as useful as changing one’s self to directly meet the reality of God. To attempt to selfishly bend God to our will leads to separation, while developing ourselves to follow God’s will leads to wholeness. The partial view of God can thus be recognized as a precursor to ideological, physical, economical and psychological warfare. Taken to an extreme, the partial view of God can even be used an excuse for blatant terrorism. Continue reading How to Find God in Modern Times?

The Twelve Fundamental Principles of Taoism

The universe is an energy net of its own connectedness. All individual beings and things are under the influence of the energy net in the vast arena of the universe. The energy net is the natural administrative system. The freedom of all things and beings is prescribed exactly. If we indulge in our strong passions, emotions, desires, and ambitions, the influence of the energy net will be very strong. If your energy is light, the influence of the energy net will also be light. If you lead your life normally and in harmony with the universe, you will have no sign of the existence of an energy net at all. Continue reading The Twelve Fundamental Principles of Taoism

Workbook for Spiritual Development of all People

My dear friends, most spiritual endeavors are merely emotional or psychological games. In general, religious rituals are defined as worship, but truthfully they are either emotional demands or psychological needs which have prevailed since ancient times. More than half of today’s population still continue to play these emotional games and still need their emotional security blankets to support their lives. Continue reading Workbook for Spiritual Development of all People